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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Kids will be kids...

Each night we go through this routine with Sophia at bedtime. Sometimes it includes a book, sometimes a song, but every night includes a prayer, wishes of good night, many hugs and kisses and finally the promise of I love you. Each night we hope that she will go right to sleep. Sometimes she does, but on nights like tonight, she does not. She will sit in her crib, talk to her babies, sing songs, and sometimes remove her clothes. The latter is what I try to keep under wraps, but sometimes I am not so successful.

Those of you who know my husband will appreciate the irony of Bob's kid wanting to be naked. Sophia knows how to remove every kind of clothing and loves to be naked. I have to admit that I do find it funny and adorable. I am sure that one day Bob and I will be sorry!!

Bob is out watching basketball at a friend's house. I just can't get into that sport. I can watch baseball and love football, but I just don't get basketball. It seems to me that a game could take one fourth of the time with the same results.

On a sad note, I was watching the news and saw the story about Jessica Lunsford, the nine year old girl who was murdered in Florida. I saw her father speak. He said to make sure that you get hugs and kisses from your kids each day. I thought I would cry. Here was this man who some would see as a bit rough around the edges, mourning his child, obviously holding back tears. My thoughts go out to this man and his family. I personally believe that there is a special place in hell for those who molest and murder an innocent child.

We got outside today. We took Sophia to the park. We all had fun. It was great to get outside in the sun and to breathe some fresh air.

We have to get ready for Easter this week. I am going to go to Bob's parents Wednesday night to make a traditional Polish cookie. We make them for special holidays like Christmas and Easter. We made a ton of them for our wedding. It is nice to have a little tradition that other families do not have. On Friday, we are driving down to this church in Baltimore to pick up coddies (codfish cakes for the non-Baltimore people out there) for Easter dinner and then we are going to decorate Easter eggs that evening. Boy, I hope to get some marshmallow peeps in my Easter basket. Yeah, I am 34 years old and still get an Easter basket (damn I'm lucky).

Well, it is time for me to roll.

Good night, sleep tight!!


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