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Sunday, March 27, 2005

No Bob I am not dead...

Of course Bob knows this, because he lives with me. I have just been so busy getting ready for Easter that I have not had time to write. Even though I have found writing in this blog very helpful in my day to day life, I pushed it aside to do other things, when I should have just made the time to do it. As I write, I have cookies in the oven and still have other things to get done for Easter dinner, but I am going to make the time to write now.

I was just thinking about how lucky I am. I have a great husband, a wonderful baby, terrific family and fabulous friends. I have a safe place to live. I have food to eat. I am able to stay at home with Sophia. I am truly blessed. So if I am ever feeling sorry for myself, please give me a gentle reminder.

Here is a little food for thought today. Even if you do not celebrate Easter think of the following when you have a meal today. It comes from an Easter mealtime prayer.

"Remember and bless those whose meal is small or lonely this day."

This sentence is what made me feel so lucky today. I am fortunate to be having a big meal with family. I feel ashamed when I think that there are those who have nothing. I have never gone without in my life, I have always had food and shelter. Even though I complain about what I have had in the past, my basic necessities of life were always met. While I am here baking cookies (a luxury) there is somebody not far from me who will not eat today. So please take a few minutes today to think of how your life is lucky.

If you are celebrating Easter today, "Happy Easter."

Have a terrific day!


Blogger bob_vinyl said...

I don't think we can ever pay too much attention to how lucky we are. No matter how hard we work or how much more someone else might have, we are always luckier than a lot of people. We should never lose sight of our blessings.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

And you two encapsulate the blog I posted this morning regarding the Saints' Guide to Happiness Bob gave to me. Happiness is within reach on a day-to-day basis, which I've learned better of late. Peace...

6:19 PM  

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