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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Sorry for my absence, I have been dealing with this really horrible bout of an upper respiratory infection. The doctor says not to worry, I should feel better by mid-weekend, but for now, I feel like crap.

One bright point of my week as always is Sophia. She started swimming lessons this week. It is great to see how she has changed since taking lessons last year. Since she is so young, she will not really learn how to swim, but how to be used to the water. She kicks her feet as soon as she gets into the water and does not stop for her entire lesson. She looks so cute in her swim suit and I can't help but think she is cuter than any other kid in the class. Maybe that is just the mom coming out in me.

Tonight I finally took the time to finish planting some stuff in my gardens. When I was finished I had to water the flowers on my front porch. Sophia was sitting in the grass playing with her daddy. I quickly turned the hose on her and she got this shocked look. Shortly after that she was standing on the front walk happily having her feet squirted. Next thing I know she is squealing with delight while running in and out of the water being sprayed. I was thinking about how awesome it is to be a kid experiencing things for the first time.

School is getting ready to end. Can you remember what it was like when the school year was coming to an end? I can remember feeling so excited on that last day. School was finally over and the long summer was ahead. I think that the last few weeks of school were always a waste for me.

I can remember countless days spent riding my bike with my friends around the neighborhood. It's funny, but I think kids today are cheated a bit, because they have to wear bike helmets. They will never get to feel the air rushing through their hair as they navigate their bikes down a long hill. I can just remember how free it felt to just take off on my bike on some unplanned adventure.

Summer also meant swimming and playing with water in any form. We really did not play with the sprinkler, but I know that many kids did. One thing I can remember is taking a drink out of the hose while playing outside. I never wanted to go in the house, so it was just a quick way to quench my thirst. There is nothing better than that nasty hose taste to bring on a memory of childhood.

Something else to look forward to is the arrival of lightning bugs. I think most children find them fascinating. I can't wait until they start coming out so that we can teach Sophia how to catch them. They light up the dusk like fireworks. Did you ever put holes in the top of a mason jar to keep them in your room overnight? I can only hope that Sophia will love them as much as me.

What makes you think of your childhood summers? Give it a thought. I am sure it will make you smile. Now go out and do something that will make your inner child happy!

Good night and pleasant dreams of warm summer breezes!


Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

That was great, Linda. The garden hose taste put me right there, and you're right, I can remember certain things experiencing for the first time like sprinkler seems so intimidating as a child when you first see that big spray, but once you summon the courage and jump through, it's an infection.

Summers for me meant lots of ramp jumping. When I lived in Woodbine we made a dirt ramp at the bottom of this steep hill, and it was frightening to go down on a big wheel, much like a two-wheel bike! Most kids would roar down the hill and steer away from ramp. I jumped it too many times and punched a hole in the plastic seat so my ass scraped the ground as I rode.

I also remember spending a week at a time as a kid with my Aunt Maxine and her 4 boys, and amongst everything else, I remember flashlight tag in her yard. There were so many places to hide!

That was an uplifting blog...

9:53 AM  

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