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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hip kids...

Once again I have no excuse for not blogging. I really have not had anything that I have felt like writing about. I have also been quite lazy.

I have finally been able to get outside and work in the yard. I planted some flowers, herbs and tomatoes. I have also been trying to spend a good deal of time outside with Sophia. The weather has been so gorgeous that it would be a crime not to do so.

During the day we usually do spend some time watching some television. Most of the channels we watch don't have many commercials. One channel that Sophia frequents is called Noggin. She has a ball watching most of their programming. At 6:00pm this channel switches format and is called "The N." I would have to say the programming is geared toward middle and high school aged kids.

The first hour of programs is "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air." I have to admit, I do laugh while watching this show. It is funny to see the stuff that Will Smith wears. While watching I see commercials for other shows that are on this network. I guess kids are an easy score, because these shows look like crap. They are full of beautiful tragically hip kids. One program even offers a story line of a student that is having a not so student/teacher realationship with her teacher. Nice! I have to think after watching these commercials it is no wonder kids get on my nerves. Boy does that make me sound old.

Growing up in the 70's there was nothing better than Saturday morning cartoons and sugar cereals. The weird thing is that I can see the same annoying kids in the commerials on "The N" that I saw while watching cartoons when I was a kid. The hip kids got on my nerves then, just as much as they do now.

Maybe it was my lack of coolness that made these kids really annoying. I was always this chubby, bad haircut, sloppy clothes sort of kid. The kids in these commercials had all the stuff that I did not have, so maybe my envy caused me to hate them or maybe I actually had some foresight in to what was right and wrong.

I don't know, but I'll almost guarantee that when Sophia is the right age there will be some just as equally annoying kids on TV shows and commercials. I just hope that I can give her a heads up on what is right, so that I do not end up with a kid that must have all of the latest cool stuff. It is not that she should not have some cool stuff, but I want her to realize that it is not the material things that makes a person wonderful and interesting.

Well hopefully I will find something interesting to write about soon so that I do not have these long lapses.

I hope you are all well!

Good night!!


Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

It was all about Bugs Bunny, Superfriends, Jason of Star Command, Fat Albert and Boo Berry cereal!

Hipness is relevant to each generation. You listen to our parents, they'll talk about their Saturday morning with Howdy Doody, Sky King, Hopalong Cassidy, The Lone Ranger, etc. They had actual t.v. shows and they got dressed up like their heroes while watch the tube. It was like an event since t.v. was so new.

My dad used to golf every Saturday and my mom slept in since she worked late on Fridays, so Saturday mornings were sacred to me. The syndrome lasted well into my thirties, where I couldn't leave the house until Saturday morning cartoons were used to drive Ardisse bonkers.

Nowadays I only watch one "must see" cartoon on Saturdays and Spongebob and Fairly OddParents and Jimmy Neutron when they're time to lollygag. I think the network cartoons suck ass now; I hate Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh; I miss Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain, but you know what? Kids today obviously love that shit since Pokemon won't die. I may hate it, but I know there's going to be generations of kids who watched that looking for common ground with others as they grow up.

It's all relevant...

10:18 AM  

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