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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I am one of those parents that gets really embarrassed by my child being bad any place in public. While I know that kids will be kids, I find it completely unacceptable when a parent shows that they are in no way going to try to make their kid behave.

I like my neighbor across the street and Sophia loves her kids especially the oldest one. They stopped by today and asked Sophia and I to go to lunch with them. This was fine, because Sophia had not seen the kids in a few weeks. So we went to our local Pizza Hut and the waitress sat us in a corner booth. I had Sophia secured in a high chair, the youngest of my neighbors kids was also in a high chair and the oldest was seated between her mother and myself. The first thing that I thought was inappropriate was that the oldest child removed her shorts that were on top of her swimsuit. She did this after she was told by her mother not to. Then she proceeds to climb up on this platform that is in the corner behind the booth we are sitting in. Her mother's phone rang (another thing I never do is answer a phone in a restaurant)and as soon as she saw that her mom was having a conversation she started to ask me for things that her mother had already vetoed. I was amazed at the way the mom was able to ignore every one of the things that this kid had done. I would have been horrified and walked out after discreetly paying my bill.

Towards the end of lunch Sophia started doing this thing where she lets out very shrill short bursts of screaming. I immediately started to cover her mouth and when she really did not want to let up, I decided it was time to go. I use this same practice in a store and even in church sometimes.

Maybe I am a stickler, maybe I should relax a bit, but I have to think that nobody in the restaurant wants to hear a loud child or see a child misbehaving and not being corrected. I am not sure. I just never want to have the feeling that others are thinking that I have no control over my kid or that my kid is spoiled brat.

Maybe I am getting old, but it seems to me that kids today have more than kids of my generation ever had and with that also comes a lack of any kind of discipline. And I am not talking about beating kids, I am talking about letting your kid know what they have done is wrong and promptly removing them from the situation so that they have a chance to think about what they did and why it was wrong. Is our society so lax that future generations of children will be much worse than the ones today? I can only hope that there are other parents feeling like me that are looking for ways to improve the future for our kids.


Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Yes, Linda, that's the inevitable fact. Today's generation of 20-somethings are almost a waste and many, not all, are afraid to do jack about their children, so yes, the cycle will hit when many spoiled children will be taking care of us, God help us all... It's a hard thing, I'm sure. As much as I want my own child for us, we're both scared out of our minds, given the way things are today.

I think with the heavy legislation the power has shifted from the parents to the children, so far as I can see anyway. I think so many people are afraid to discipline their children out of fear of jail, lawsuits, fines, and general fear of being looked down upon as an unfit parent.

And you were sitting at table B-1 at Pizza Hut! I remember that one! Viva la Pizza Slut...well, maybe not.

3:07 AM  

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