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Monday, February 20, 2006

Hired help...

Anybody who knows me personally, would probably agree that I am not really a confrontational person, but yesterday, I felt like I could be...

Sophia had to attend a birthday party for one of her playmates. Since I am very friendly with the mom, I told her that I would keep an eye on her younger child so that she could greet additional guests. Keep in mind that this party had those blow-up items for kids to jump on. Bob was watching Sophia and I was watching my friends little girl. I got on one of the things to make sure that both kids were okay, when another mom walks up to me and asks me to watch her kid on this jumpy thing. I told her "no," because I was keeping an eye on two kids at the time.

The real problem with this was that I would have responded the same if I only had one child with me. This mom just did not want to get in there and play with her kid, because she did not want to take off the boots she was wearing, besides I know her and she just really does not enjoy her kid. She never dresses appropriately and then wants people to do stuff with her kid, because her clothes will not allow her to participate.

Apparently, she got really upset went to the mother of the birthday child and was really pissed that I did not watch her kid. Thankfully, my friend told her that I had my hands full with two kids already.

I totally felt like hired help. Why would this person think that I should take care of her kid, when I should take care of my own kid. Besides she should stop dressing like she is going out for a night on the town(trashy) and be prepared to play. I was mad all evening and am still a bit peeved today.

I guess I don't understand why people have kids if they don't want to do things with them.

I think I might actually feel better after this rant, THANKS!!!


Blogger Rev. Brandy said...

Again, I hate to sound like a regular fascist, but you know --- you have to have a license to fish, to drive a car, to hunt (well, SOME of us do), and in some East Coast resorts, to sit one's fat ass on the beach to soak up some sun between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I am sure there are entire LISTS out there devoted to what-all one needs a license to do. However, that aside: any old idiot can have kids. Nothing but viable reproduction governs that one.

I think your post voices what people don't really want to say out loud much anymore: that in some instances, we SHOULD judge one another as parents or caretaking custodians of children. I think we've politically-corrected ourselves right out of it taking a village, where one mother could say pointedly to another exactly what's what. It just doesn't happen anymore.

Thanks for having good sense. I think what you did was absolutely right.

4:19 PM  
Blogger The Management said...


Just chuck the kids in and let them survive or not. Over parenting (in the protection sense, not the loving, and guiding sense) is the bane of America.

If I was that other lady, I wouldn't have taken my boots off either. I wouldn't have asked you do baby sit. I would have just grabbed my kid by the back of his pants, given a one two, and chucked him (or her) in.

Kids need to be kids. Get scars, Eat dirt (is dirt vegan?), LIVE!

Umm.. ok.


2:02 PM  

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