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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Once you have a child, your sleep is never the same again. Actually, this starts before the baby is born, for the mother. During the last month of my pregnancy, I was up at least four times a night to go to the bathroom and then when I did lay down, I could not get comfortable enough to sleep. Honestly, this is the way that your body gets ready for the long nights that lay ahead.

Once Sophia was at home, she was up just about every two hours to eat. She also was a bit colicky and had to be held to fall asleep for the first six months of her life and still continued to wake up at night to eat.

Now that Sophia is two, I thought that stage of things would have ended, however, I am still up at least once a night. Right now she is getting two-year molars and is very unhappy. I have been giving her motrin to help and sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. She will wake up and want only me and then I will crawl into bed with her half asleep. Once in bed with her, the sleep challenge does not go away, because anybody who has ever slept with a toddler will tell you that they toss and turn and so you still don't get sleep.

Sleep has become very strange for me. I used to be able to sleep for eight to nine hours straight and sleep so soundly that not even a phone would wake me up, but now, I am up all night and feel unrested in the morning. I have to say that this sucks. Thankfully, sometimes Bob helps, but I try not to depend on him, since he has to work, but it is great when I can actually sleep while Sophia is being tended to. No sleep makes Linda a cranky girl.

For all of you parents and about to be parents, my thoughts are with you. I know your pain.

Here is hoping that you all get a good nights rest.


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