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Thursday, March 30, 2006


I went to to pick up my neighbors at BWI Airport yesterday. They had taken their kids to Disney World. They were due to arrive by Southwest at 3:50 pm. I knew the flight number, so I checked the flight info before I left to pick them up. I also had SW send text messages to my cell phone with flight info. At 3:22, I got a message saying that the flight was still on time. So I get to the airport five minutes early and rather than parking, I looped around the airport waiting for them to arrive. I drove around for about 30 minutes and they still did not arrive, so I called Bob at work and had him check the flight. According to SW their flight was delayed and would not get in until 5:25, so I had to pee, so I parked and walked in for a pee, a newspaper and a water. I sat in the parking garage for a little while (the first hour of parking is free) so at the time the flight was supposed to arrive, I decided to loop the airport again and when I got to the terminal there sat my neighbors. They had been waiting for about 45 minutes. I was so mad. I felt bad that they had to sit there and smell all of the car and bus fumes waiting for me, espicially since this was not my fault. Their kids were tired and probably hungry, but they did great and crashed on the way home.

I love going to the airport, usually, but yesterday was different. I love the excitement of the airport. Before such tight airport security, I loved to drop somebody off and actually wait with them until they boarded. It always makes me feel like I have to go someplace. Sometimes, this occurs just because of Spring, but yesterday, it was because of the energy at the airport.

When I was looping the airport, I would see people waiting for rides and I wondered where they had been. I saw a whole group of very sun tanned people and they were by the Air Jamaica terminal, so I supposed they they had been to Jamaica (mmm, lucky them). I could stand to be in a location with some blue water and warm sun about now.

So last night, I stopped by the library and checked out the movies they had. They had one of my favorite television shows of all time on DVD. I loved the show Homicide and being from Maryland, I always liked to see the places in the background of the show. The very first episode had pictures of the park right across the street from where Bob and I were married. Anyway, I am sitting here this morning watching my fourth episode since last night. God,I loved this show!

Anyway, I have blabbed too much this morning.

I hope that you have a great day!!!


Blogger The Management said...

I used to like Airports... now, not so much. The lines, the crappy seats, the droning anouncements, the security...

Yeah, not so much anymore.

As for Homicide... Heck yeah thats a good show. I love seeing neighborhoods I know on TV. That's one of the reason I enjoyed the movie Pecker so much... Good old Baltiless.


3:57 PM  

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