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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So here is it 3:15am and I am awake. I went to bed early, which has been the norm for the last week (I am just so damn tired). I woke up at 2:30 to take a pee and I could not sleep, so I decided 45 minutes later that I might as well get up for a bit. I was going to watch TV, but the stinking remote is not turning on the TV and I am just to lazy to get up to turn it on.

The remote really makes me mad sometimes. It is one of those kind that you can program to do everything. This is great, however for no reason sometimes it just stops doing what it is supposed to do. Then if you wait an hour or so, it might work. I don't understand why this happens. When it is working it is wonderful, when it is not, it sucks.

I had sat down on Saturday morning and wrote a nice long post for my blog and wouldn't you know that when I was previewing it something either went wrong with my computer or with Blogger and I lost the entire post. I was too pissed to go back and start over, so I waited a few days to attempt again. God I hope it works this time. The thing that blows about this is that I can not remember what I was posting about. (Must have been really important!)

Vinny continues to do well with his training. He learned three commands in class and is still doing them on a regular basis. We have seen a big improvement in his behavior since going to the class. Maybe he just needed to be challenged. He still kicks it up and runs around in circles sometimes, but he is doing much better. He got really barky in class, because of the other dogs. I can't wait to see how he does around them this week. I am hoping that this will also get better week by week.

So I guess today is the first day of spring or at least it is close to the first day. Wouldn't you know we are only going to have a high of 34 degrees and a likelihood of snow and sleet. This would be okay if I was not driving my neighbors to the airport today. They are leaving for Florida (lucky) to be in the sunshine. I can only hope that from here on out it gets warmer. I have seen a few daffodils in bloom. This always makes me happy, because it is a signal to me to celebrate the arrival of spring and warmer days.

I wish that I had something more interesting to post, but I feel about as dull as a broken pencil point right now. Maybe it is the not being able to sleep thing. I don't know. I guess life is like that sometimes. I have been feeling sort of blah for the last week or so. I have no desire to do the things that I should do. My house, as usual, is a mess. I don't mean this in the way that most people do. You know what I mean, a few things out of place and the house is a mess. Mine is a literal mess. Toys and crap everyplace. Maybe I will feel better tomorrow. Even if I do, things will still be helter-skelter. This is the nature of our household. I feel bad about this sometimes, because it makes it hard for Sophia's friends to come over. I was raised to be very neat, but somewhere along the way, I lost the ability to be and stay neat. Is there some sort of slobs anonymizer out there??? If so, let me know and I will start attending meetings!

It is now 3:41 and I am wondering if I should attempt to go back to sleep. I really don't feel like walking up the steps only to come down in another half hour, because sleep is not on it's way. I hate when I can't sleep. I love to sleep. This drives Bob crazy. If he could do it consistently, he would only sleep about 4 hours a day. He thinks sleeping is a waste of time. I have never had issues sleeping before, but I have had a few episodes over the last week or two. I have always heard that when you can't sleep, you should get up and read or something and then try again later. I really hope this has helped. A sleepy Linda, is a bitchy Linda.

I hope that you are sleeping like a baby right now. Enjoy!!!


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