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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Perfect day...

Yesterday was a day to do nothing constructive. I could see the sun coming in through the bedroom windows (even though the blinds were drawn)even before I got out of bed. I knew that it was supposed to be warm, so I showered and dressed for a warm day. When Sophia finally woke up, I dressed her in a similar fashion.

I had a few errands to run, so I quickly got those out of the way and headed out for some play with Sophia. We stopped at a grocery store, picked up a picnic lunch and headed to the playground. As usual Sophia did not eat much and when we were both finished walked over to the playground. She had fun walking up and down the castle shaped playground equipment and after about 45 minutes was ready to go. I was hoping to stay a bit longer, but Sophia has a little cold and rather than have her get crazy, I decided to follow her wishes.

Once she was in her car seat, I decided that I would take the long way home. Sort of a mini road trip. She was happily watching a DVD and was pretty comfortable, so I put down the windows and took off. It was one of those days to feel the wind blowing through your hair. The sun was just so perfect, warm, but not too warm. I took some winding country roads home passing a lake and pointed out interesting things to Sophia. I love taking a drive to nowhere.

After I got home, Sophia took a nap, which also helped the day to be nice, since it gave me a break. Again, I did nothing, but relax. It was great.

After dinner, Bob took Sophia out to play with this huge styrofoam plane. Once outside, they were joined by two neighbor kids. I came out with Sophia's new bubble machine. I pulled the handle and watched bubbles fly out the front of it. The wind was whipping around so hard that the bubbles came out in a tornado like fashion and if you looked at the light through them it looked like sparks instead of bubbles. It started to get dark, so we decided to head in. It was a quiet way to end a wonderful day.

There is always one of those days shortly before or after the start of spring that are just so perfect that you wish they would last forever. No responsibilities, no dishes to wash, no bills to pay, just a time to have fun. It makes me think of when I was younger. You remember it, when you pile some friends into a car and just go for a drive, no particular place to go, but plenty of adventure to be found. These days, there is not as much adventure, but there is always the promise of it. As Sophia gets older I want her to have the same wanderlust about what there is to be found on an early spring day.

On the next nice day, you get out there and find your adventure...


Blogger Ryan said...

I drive around nowhere sounds pretty enticing right about now. I'm starved for pavement and sunshine, and I think I'm due. Just gotta find my keys.

Hey, thank you so much for the link! I really appreciate it! :p

3:49 PM  

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