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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Forrest, etc..

My cat, Forrest, got sick over the weekend and unfortunately died yesterday. We always joked about his moodiness, but I will miss him. He was one of those cats that only needed you if he wanted a cuddle to be warm, but in his way it was endearing. I feel bad for one of my other cats, Tristan, because he and Forrest were friends. They would cuddle up on the bed and spend most of the afternoon snoozing together. I wonder if he realizes that he is gone. I know he will miss him as much as we do.

One of the negative things about being pregnant is that you have to pee all the time, including the middle of the night. Sunday night on one of my late night visits to the bathroom, I managed to knock my glasses of the night stand and step on them. They are bent all to hell. I love the frames, so I am ordering a piece to replace the broken one, but in the meantime, my stinking glasses won't stay on my face. This is driving me so crazy. It should only take a few days for the piece to get here, but for me that is not soon enough.

I went for my first OB appointment yesterday. The baby is due 12/9, but since I have to have a scheduled c-section, we are looking at a delivery date of 11/29, 11/30, or 12/1. I have to have a sonogram in two weeks to confirm the date. So we will have this new baby just in time for a nice tax deduction for next year. It will definitely make for an interesting Thanksgiving and Christmas. I guess I will have to get all of my shopping done early this year.

It was a rainy weekend, but Sunday the sun managed to peek out and it was very beautiful. We had to go to a Christening down in the DC area and the flowers were in bloom and it made the drive nicer. I hate driving near DC. I did pass by the exit for Scaggsville and thought of my friends there. Sophia was pooped by the time we got home and went to bed early (and so did I, after The Sopranos).

I wish there was something more enlightening to write about, but I have been so busy being outside with Sophia that I have not been doing much else. I will say that it is nice to be outside most days. She gets tired from the fresh air and takes a nice nap and some days I do, too!

I hope that you are all well and enjoying the wonderful spring weather!


Blogger Rev. Brandy said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Forrest-kitty, Linda . . . oh, it's always sad to lose a kitty-friend, even a grumpy one. As pretty as my boy, Bradan, is, he's a grumpy fucker, mostly. I'm sure that Tristan knows his buddy has passed into the great Pet Hereafter, and he misses him something awful. Bradan and I will say a little prayer tonight for Forrest and Tristan, too. And you, as well.

On your way up and back to DC, did you think of our long-lost friend, Laid (well, her name was Alida, but spell-check always wanted to change it to "Laid," which, given her history, always seemed so much more appropriate!)?

6:31 PM  
Blogger The Management said...

Sorry to hear about Forrest. Really, that's one of the reason I shy away from pets. I don't do loss well.

If you have a choice on dates. I'd give the kid those extra days seperated from Chrismas. Noone likes lumped together presents.

FYI We won't be in Scaggsville much longer... so stop in next time if you can!


9:50 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Yeah, sorry about the cat, Linda. Losing a pet soooo totally sucks. May he be surrounded by that Fancy Feast stuff in the Cat Land cloudes of above... :)

And stepping on your glasses sucks, too! When I had glasses when I was 16 - during my awkward teen phase - the thing I always did was sit on mine. It's like, as you sit down, you can feel the metal bend under your ass. I thought to myself, "Oh God, no. Please don't be what I think that is." But secretely I wanted those Flexon fuckers broken.

Two words: disposable contacts. I drop 'em, and step on them all the time! :p

10:35 AM  

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