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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Music and me...

I was driving today and listening to Abbey Road by the Beatles. It has to be one of my favorite albums of all time. That being said, I started thinking about how certain songs or albums represent a special time in my life.

Everybody has a favorite aunt, uncle or cousin when they are kids. Mine is my Aunt Sue. She is my mother's youngest sister. She was 12 when I was born and I have always loved her. She and her husband (who gave me away when I married Bob) always had this stack of albums. I can remember going through them when I was young. They had the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, the 5th Dimension, ACDC, The Stray Cats and The Cars (the last two came a bit later). I can remember listening to albums by all of these bands at one time or another, but I will never forget looking at the cover for Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin and thinking that they must be really strange. When I hear Led Zeppelin or the Rolling Stones, I think of my Aunt and Uncle and how cool I thought they were when I was kid.

I never really started listening to music much on my own until I hit about 7th grade. The first album I bought on my own was Def Leppard's Pyromania. This band became my absolute favorites until late in high school. My friends probably thought I was crazy, but I really did not care, I was in love. Listening to them now (which does not happen that often) always makes me feel young and it is funny that I still know all of the lyrics despite how much time has past. They actually still tour, but for me they are part of my middle school and high school memories and I really want them to stay just the way I remembered them.

When I was a senior in high school I had many weekends spent out with friends, always under the influence. Many nights were spent playing quarters listening to ACDC and waiting for Headbangers Ball to come on MTV. We used to do a lot of driving around (never would do that now). One summer night I remember driving around with some friends and the album for the night was Aerosmith's Greatest Hits. Any time I hear that, I can feel the warm breeze on that summer night many summers ago.

I met Bob in early 1990. The one album that always comes to mind early in our relationship is Louder Than Love by Soundgarden. I learned a good deal about punk rock in those early days, but I think Bob learned a bit about classic rock music from me. Our musical tastes were very different, but we did manage to find out that we both loved the Beatles, so they were kind of common ground for us. The Beatles have been important for most of my life and when Bob and I were married the song that we chose to dance to was "Here, There and Everywhere" by the Beatles. Any time I hear that song, I think of our special day. Another song also makes me think of this day, but for another reason. Bob has always thought that Eric Clapton was an overrated musician and on the day of our wedding it was realized that we had not chosen a last song for us to dance to at the reception, so we basically told the DJ just to pick something nice and wouldn't you know it that he picked an Eric Clapton song (Wonderful Tonight). So now the irony of that song being chosen makes me think of Bob and our wedding.

When I was pregnant with Sophia I used to sit at my desk at work in the morning, eat my breakfast and play Abbey Road. Sophia used to start to move around when she heard the music. We used to play music for her each night before she was born and on the day she was born we played Abbey Road for her and I think she recognized it. She likes to listen to it now to hear Octopus's Garden.

I am not really listening to much new music these days, Bob does, but for me it is not that important. I hope that this is not a sign that I am getting old. I think that certain music will always be important to me and I hope that when a special musical moment in time happens, I don't fail to recognize it. Maybe as Sophia gets older, I will recogize special times through what she is listening to. Only time will tell.

Cherish each moment.


Blogger Metal Mark said...

Led Zeppelin's Houses of the holy always reminds me of spring because I got into it in spring. Twister Sister's Stay Hungry and Iron Maiden's Powerslave alwasy remind me of my freshman year in high school because I listened to them a lot then. Metallica's Ride the lightning and WASP's Crimson Idol remind me of college because I would play them over and over while studying for tests late at night.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Bruce said...

I was 11 when the Beatles first landed on American soil, so whenever I hear one of their songs, it takes me back to that night in February, 1964 when they were on the Ed Sullivan Show. I feel so old now, lol...

9:50 AM  

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