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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


We still have no definite baby names. With today being exactly 21 days until the new baby arrives, we need to get on the ball. Girls names are easier and we are pretty good there, but I feel bad if the baby is a boy, he will have no name!

I am still having Diabetes issues. Currently, I am taking four injections of insulin a day and checking my blood sugar five times a day. The injections are not as bad and the finger pricks for the blood checks. I could not imagine living this way the rest of my life. I went for my first non-stress test at the Family Birthplace at the hospital yesterday. According to my doctor, our results were perfect. This was great news! I have to go for the non-stress tests for the next two Mondays and see my doctor on Thursdays. He wants to see me twice a week now that we have moved on to insulin injections.

I am totally not ready for the baby. The room is not ready and I don't even have my bag packed. My friend says that I will start nesting anytime soon and I will be ready. As tired as I have been feeling lately, I doubt it. I ordered a new robe and as soon as it arrives, I will pack my bag.

I did vote, but not today, I did an absentee ballot. Apparently our little rural county had over 6,000 people request absentee ballots. I had a hard time deciding who to vote for as I think most politicians suck. It is a shame that I feel this way, but I am positive I am not alone in the sentiment. So I guess we will find out all of the results tomorrow, unless the absentees create some doubt.

I forgot to mention that I watched the Dukes of Hazzard movie the other night. While it was somewhat entertaining, I felt my IQ dropping by leaps and bounds. I am usually pretty choosy about movies, but it came on and I was too lazy to surf the HBO channels for something else.

That is about it for now.

I hope you are all well. Do me a favor, go and eat something sweet, I totally need a fix.


Anonymous Kat said...

I so hope this diabetes goes away with the birth Laura. Awful burden for you. Maybe you can't think of boy names because your subconscious mind knows you're having another girl! Woopie! Two Princesses.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Kat said...

Laura? Apparently I've decided to rename you...sorry Linda, fingers typing faster than my mind can keep up!

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry you're feeling swamped with stuff to do. I wish we lived in the same town, so I could serve in my boy next door role, and like paint your house or something! I'm not a fan of Jessica Simpson's fake TX accent. What was wrong with the real one? ;)

11:08 AM  
Blogger Claire said...

Glad to hear that you non-stress test went well! Keep up all the good "work" you're doing at taking care of that diabetes. I hope that it is truly gestational and goes away when your little blessing joins you!

4:49 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Kat - I have always hated the name Linda, so maybe it is time for a change. I really need to press for boys names, we just have been sooooo busy.

Ryan - Always a sweetie. It is funny you should mention house painting, because our trim needs to be painted so bad right now. I did not get the fake accent either. She is already a southerner. Hopefully, after this baby arrives, things will slow down for all of us.

Claire - Thanks! I am definitely hoping that the diabetes goes away. I am tired of all of the needles. The non-stress tests are a breeze. It is one of the only times, lately, that I have had some quiet time to myself. The fact that the test went great was an added bonus.

3:51 PM  
Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

hope everything falls into place, boy or's a very exciting time, I'm sure....I will fight until the end before I watch the Dukes movie...I feel like a moron for ever liking it as a kid, but we all bought it hook, line and sinker...and amen to the politicians remarks...I had to stand at the polls for a few hours because my boss was running for state senate in his district...he's a great guy, but I felt my principles were sacrificed by holding a sign and wearing a shirt, something I said I would never do in my life

10:40 AM  
Blogger Ivey Elizabeth Sirmans said...

The diabetes issue definately puts a damper on being pregnant. But, the good thing, you can't do the typical eating for two. Once the baby is here, you will probably appreciate the hardship.
I was the opposite of you. Boys were easy to name. Our girl was a little tough. I just tried out nicknames that would come from all the names we liked. Some of my favorite names were ditched because they rhymed with some terrible body function, etc. for example, a family name for us is Carter, but he would have easily been made fun of...We also never told names. Mainly because of family. Everyone has an opinion and once the baby was here it was a race to see who could see the baby first and no one cared about the name anymore. (especially if it wasn't named after them!)
You are a worrier!!!
Enjoy this...the room will be there, even once the baby is here.

8:32 PM  

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