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Monday, September 25, 2006

Three and counting...

Sophia is now three. When I look at her, she is definitely a little girl and not a baby. We celebrated her birthday on the 17th. It was a good deal of work, but totally worth it to see her so happy. The party was held at a park, so the kids were able to get out and play together. We also did a craft and had a pinata.

Pinatas for whatever reason never seem to work for me. Last years pinata was so packed with candy that it was too heavy to hang properly. This years, while lighter and able to hang, would not let go of the candy. Bob and I ripped it and the candy started to fall out and then we had more candy on reserve which we threw in on top of the kids (I didn't want all of that candy in my house). Kids love being able to take home a big bag of candy, but I am sure that their parents hate it. Sophia never really picks up a bunch of candy, because she is selective as she picks up. She went to one party where she was busy lining her candy up while other kids were still collecting.

While in the middle of the pinata mayhem, two kids who are notorious fighters, got into a brawl. All I know is that at one point everything is fine and the next these two were throwing punches. And to top it off, they are girls. Girls are so competitive that I should not be surprised by this and these two are particularity bad. They are very good friends and one on one they are fine, but mix them with other kids and they are impossible. They try to figure out ways to exclude each other and in this case the one little girl spent most of the day crying. Apparently, she was crying to the point that she was literally making herself sick. I have spoken to each of the girl's moms since the party and they more or less blame it on the other kid. I have my opinion on the matter, but I let it slide. Some of my guests were horrified about the fight and confusion, to me it was just par the course for these two kids.

Sophia got what seems like a whole room full of presents. She had fun opening them. We did not give them all to her yet, because we just don't have the room to put everything out right now. We are in the process of building her new toy room, so she will have everything once we move her stuff in. We got her this really neat kitchen set for her birthday. She has loved playing with it, but I keep stressing to her to pick up the pieces, because they are the perfect size dog toys for Vinny the dog. Thankfully, I have only had to take something away from him once.

Sophia is doing pretty good in preschool. She is an ADHD poster child, I think. While I know that she is too young to be diagnosed with something like that, I do know that she is more active than most kids her age. I look back at my own childhood and after being told what's Bob's childhood was like, I think we both would have been classified as hyper. I am hoping that school will help her calm down. On Thursday, they told me that she did better. She goes to an Episcopal Church for preschool and is fascinated by the chapel at her school. Her teacher told me that they bribe her with being able to see the chapel if she is good. I had to laugh, most kids hate going to church, but Sophia can't wait to get in there. To me it is whatever it takes, of course when we take her to mass on Sundays she is horrible. I am thankful that her teachers are young. I think they have a tendency to be more forgiving than older teachers. New teachers are so excited about the job that they seem to be less worried about the problems that occur.

Our basement renovations are finally underway. Bob has been working very hard to get everything done. He says that we should have the work completed by the end of October. That will leave us a little over four weeks to get the kid's rooms done. Other than painting and actually moving furniture around, the rooms upstairs will be much easier to do. I say this, but I am actually not doing much of the hard stuff. I try to keep up with the every day housework, while Bob is stuck with the difficult stuff.

By the way, happy fall. I am so glad that fall is here. I hope that everybody is doing great!!!


Blogger Mimi said...

Well despite the fight it sounds like Sophia's party went well. Us girls can be so bad! I watch enough of AFV to think I am not going to do pinata's,LOL! But Durk and I have no problem with our son beings ent home with candy! We will take care of it! LOL!

I would not worry about Sophia just yet. I would rather have a hyper child than a zombie. She is going thru an exciting change and it takes some kids longer to calm down than others.

I hope you are feeling and doing well!:)

9:37 PM  
Blogger ChristyTN said...

Hi Linda! I'm glad that things are coming together with your basement. I remember feeling rushed to get things ready for MB, and then...surprise...he came a early. There were so many things that I had planned to get done that week!!!! It was a big surprise for you, too, wasn't it?! MB has the most popular day for birthdays!

I thought that Sophia's party was very fun--despite the girl fight. We weren't horrified. Kids will be kids! I've never had much luck with pinatas either.

When I was in kindergarten, we had a snowman pinata near Christmas. Imagine three classes of kindergarteners all trying to fight each other over the candy! I remember that all I got was a stepped-on lollipop!! When we get nearer to Easter, remind me to tell you about the big kindergarten Easter egg hunt where all I ended up with was a mashed pink egg!

I'm glad that Sophia had a fun birthday. It makes me teary, too, to think how fast our little girls are growing. It's a very special time.

11:11 PM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

I heard the fight, but couldn't really see it. I was sitting towards the back holding big ol' Metalboy at the time. Those kind of things happen sometimes. Metalgirl had a good time at the party.

7:53 AM  

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