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Friday, September 15, 2006

No, I am not dead...

I have just been busy. We actually went on a mini vacation over the weekend. It was so nice to get away for a few days.

Sophia's birthday party is on Sunday (her actual birthday is 9/21). We rented a pavilion at a nearby park and are having about 40 people. She wanted a princess theme, so I have spent part of my evening making castle shaped chocolate lollipops for her goody bags. I have so much to do before Sunday. Thankfully, Bob's parents are taking her overnight on Saturday, which will give us time to get a few things done. She is getting very excited.

On the baby front, things are going very well. I had an OB appointment today and my doctor is again very pleased. I also found out today that since I am having a repeat c-section, I do not have to have internal exams this pregnancy, for those of you who have ever been to the OB/GYN, you will certainly be able to appreciate this, for those of you who have not, I will spare you the details. My c-section is scheduled for 11/28 (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving), so at least now I know when the new baby will arrive. We still have no names picked out.

We are still working on the house. I hate this sort of stuff. It seems to take forever. I will just be so glad when it is done. I will probably end up spending a few days at my in-laws to avoid paint fumes. Sophia will love this.

Ever since before I was legal drinking age, I have attended the Maryland Wine Festival. I have only missed one year in about 16 years and that was the year that Sophia was born. The festival is this weekend and I would love nothing more than to throw back many glasses of wine, but that is not in the cards this year. Hopefully, next year. One strange thing with this pregnancy is that I am actually craving mixed drinks. I don't really drink that much and especially mixed drinks. I am more of a beer person. Just the other day I was at breakfast and I got this urge to drink a spicy Bloody Mary. Keep in mind that I won't drink, only think about it. I will miss the festival. We have a really fun bunch of people that we usually go with and we all get toasted, except for Bob. He does not drink and is our designated driver. My friend Jen and I are usually toasted enough that we eat raw oysters. This is the only time that this usually happens. I can take sushi, but raw oysters are a completely different ball game.

Sophia started preschool today. I did really well. I did not cry, but tears did well up when I left her there. It was a very strange feeling. She stills seems like a baby in so many ways. The one teacher said she did very well, but got really crazy at the end, which I figured would happen. I had a hard time getting her out of bed this morning. The first thing that came out of her mouth was, "can I sleep just a little bit longer?" I was floored. I did not say that kind of thing until I was much older. She was so exhausted in the afternoon, but would not take a nap. I picked her up from Bob's parents house and she fell asleep in my car around 5:40. I stayed in the car with her and let her sleep for 40 minutes. I knew if I moved her she would wake up. Hopefully, she will get better schedule-wise over the next few weeks.

So that about sums it up. I hope that all is well. Thanks for hanging in there!!!


Blogger Ryan said...

But.. but... I kinda want the details.

Brandy would give the details. :p

KIDDING. Happy to hear everything's goin' awesome! Yes!

11:58 AM  
Blogger Mimi said...

Wow! You made chocolate castle lollipops! I am impressed!

I am not a big drinker but I craved margarittas while pregnant. I oredred a virgin one but it was just gross!

That was so sweet of you to stay in the car to let Sophis sleep!!My mom would always take a warm wash cloth and rub my eyes to get me awake. I never wanted out of bed in the morning (still don't). It felt really nice and always woke me up.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Rev. Brandy said...

Ryan! I'm appalled. Actually, you're right. Ha ha.

Linda, I love reading your blog. Your adventures are so interesting and your perspective on your family is so precious, and I love that you share it with us.

1:45 AM  
Blogger Linda said...

Ryan - You are so bad. If I thought it was fun, I MIGHT share. My husband said he can totally appreciate how a women must feel so humiliated after an internal exam. Pregnancy is an ugly thing my friend. I am sure you will find this out one day, many years from now!!!

As usual, thanks for making me laugh.

Mimi - What a pain in the ass the chocolate pops were, but they turned out pretty cute.

I have never really been a Margaritta fan. I think I may have drank too much tequila in my younger days.

Man I had no choice, but to stay in the car, she was so nasty, so I knew she was tired. I will have to try the warm wash cloth thing, maybe that will help her. I will have to report back.

Brandy - Ryan is right, YOU would share.

Thanks for the compliment, I have not posted in awhile, so I knew I should post something. The bad thing is that my life is not very exciting.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Claire said...

I saw your comment on Culinary in the Desert. You can't really taste the carrots when they are in a carrot cake. It's more of a spice cake taste. I think the carrots just add moisture, kind of like the zucchini in zucchini bread. Also, I've never actually used crystalized ginger, but I found it in a health foods store. So, you might be able to find it in something like that.

I love it that your little girl fell asleep in the car. My parents used to drive around the block twice with me in the car to put me to sleep if I was fussy and WOULDN'T go to sleep otherwise! Cherish those moments!

9:52 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Claire - Thanks for stopping by. I just love Joe's page. I know that you are right about carrot cake, it is one of my favorites. With my husband, he just won't eat the carrots. Sort of bums me out, because as I said Carrot cake is a favorite.

Sophia usually does not fall asleep in the car, so when she does, I tend to leave her right where is she is.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

number one...Happy Birthday Sophia!

number two...glad things are going smoothly with #2

I am a huge sushi nut and just finally got Ardisse sucked into it as well. It's some of our most peaceful moments, to eat in a quiet little sushi bar near my job, but there's nothing wrong with raw oysters, even if I got sick as hell one year from bad oysters at doesn't dissuade me

And at least the weather kinda stunk for the Wine fest...we missed out too, although we're doing Renfest this weekend instead

10:43 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Ray - Thanks for the comments on #1 & #2. In OM, MD I like to go to Sushi Ya. We used to go there and get the little room at the back. It was great! I am not supposed to eat any raw fish right now. I craved yellow tail rolls while pregnant with Sophia.

The weather for the wine fest was wonderful on Sunday, but we did not go as it was the same day as Sophia's party. I can not wait to go next year.

4:09 PM  

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