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Monday, April 09, 2007

Where has the time gone...

Sorry for the long absence. I have not really felt like blogging, besides, I had little to say. Last Thursday was my 37th birthday and along with that came the normal "I feel so sorry for myself" annual pity party. It was short-lived this year. I guess I am finally coming to grips over being closer to 40 than to 30. That being said, I really don't feel all that old, which is fabulous.

One good reason for my absence is that we purchased a new double jogging stroller and Bob and I have been taking the kids for walks on warm evenings. I guess this is much better for me and my kids (Bob, too) than sitting on my fat butt playing on the internet. I also spent one evening taking a cake decorating class. It was nice to get away for an evening, even if it was only for a few hours.

Nicholas continues to grow. He was up to 15 lbs and 26 inches at his doctor's appointment on March 28. It is hard to believe that he is already four months old. He is just one big smile most days. He is just so happy and pleasant.

Sophia is finally on her way to potty training. I never thought that the day would come. I bribe her at times. I took her to the Maryland Zoo a few weeks ago and she was totally freaked out by the automatic flush toilets. They may have scarred her for life. She screamed and did everything in her power not to go on those toilets, so I had to give in and forego the training for the day.

We have also been working on getting Sophia into a new preschool. Her current preschool will be closing after this school year. We have issues with her birthdate and starting kindergarten. She misses the cutoff by 20 days and we were originally going to fight to put her into kindergarten early. We have now decided not to do that and send her to pre-k for two years at two different schools. We would love to put her in Montessori for a year before starting Catholic school, but it will totally depend on how much money we can save over the next year or so. It is so hard to know what to do. Those of you who have read me for awhile know how active Sophia is. She is also very smart and can figure out how to manipulate any situation. That is why we originally wanted her in school early. We thought that if we could keep her challanged, we could also keep her out of trouble. Now we figure we will just take care of things as they come up. I just hope we are making the right decision.

I have been told by a few different people that kindergarten is now like what first grade was when I was a kid. They expect the kids to be able to write and have early reading skills by the time they reach kindergarten. My only problem with this is, what happens to those kids whose parents cannot afford preschool? Are they behind before they have even begun? School and learning are so important to Bob and I that we are pretty much willing to do what we need to to give Sophia a good start in school.

Tonight Sophia was down in her playroom writing letters on her Magna Doodle. She is still writing with both the left and right hands. I really don't know how to help her choose which hand is best. It would be nice if she could use both, but I think they make you choose one or the other once you reach kindergarten. I got a preschool handwriting program and hope to work on writing with Sophia over the summer, so maybe she will choose once we start concentrating on writing.

The pictures at the top are from Easter Day. I love the top picture. Nicholas and Sophia really love each other. I am so lucky not to have an overly jealous big sister. Nicholas will smile when she talks to him and I encourage her to talk to him when he is sad. They are really cute together these days.

We had beautiful Easter, except that the temperature never got out of the mid thirties. It has been so cold over the last several days. I felt so bad for all of the kids at the local Easter egg hunts.

Like I said, there really has not been much going on , but it has been a month since I posted, so I thought I should at least update.

I hope you all are well!


Blogger Rev. Brandy said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I get the shitty friend of the year award, because I actually forgot your birthday this year. I am so, so, so sorry. You get to officially hit me the next time you see me. I have plenty of explanations (none good enough) and no excuses whatsoever (none would ever suffice).

Please know that I love you, no matter how bad things over on this side of the world get that I actually forgot to send you that love on your special day.

11:07 PM  
Blogger ChristyTN said...

jThe kids looks so sweet all dressed up for Easter! Sophia looks so pretty in blue. I bet that it really looked stunning in person with her bright blue eyes! Oh my goodness...Nicholas is such a cutey! I love those rosy cheeks!
MB is jolly and pleasant, too. He really keeps us laughing. He can be so silly, too. He's our little comedian.

Happy belated birthday! My birthday is coming up soon, too. I like having a Spring birthday. You probably like that too, except it felt more like Winter this year!!! There was always a lilac bush blooming at my childhood home on my birthday in May.

Hey! I could give you a cat for your birthday! :) You're not going to believe this, but more have dropped in. I'll call you and tell you all about it... it's overwhelming. Six cats...yes, six stray kitties! I've posted pictures of four of them on my blog.

9:47 PM  
Blogger Ivey Elizabeth Sirmans said...

They look so sweet. I love those baby cheeks. Enjoy those evening walks!

3:11 PM  
Blogger The Management said...

A. Happy belated Birthday.

B. Ohh my god ytour kids are cute. That top picture needs to be framed.

Hope you guys had a great Easter.


8:11 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Brandy - There is no need to worry about the birthday thing. As I get older, I sort of want to forget them.

I love you too, baby!

Christy - Thanks for the compliments. Nicholas is rolly polly isn't he??

I like having a spring birthday too. Because I find my birthday to be a bit depressing, spring gives me something good to think about. I just love spring flowers.

No thanks on the cat. I feel so awful for you guys. My heart would break. I love kitties. My two don't really pay me much mind, but I do love to cuddle with them once in a while. I hope that you find a good solution to the problem. Havem you thought about fixing and keeping some outside? I am sure with having barns and fields nearby, you have plenty of mice to stalk. Where I live I would not suggest it, but in an out of the way spot like you guys have, I would consider it.

Gwen - Thanks for stopping by. I don't know how you do it. You are so busy. I am so looking forward to Ivey's birthday. I have been thinking of her quite a bit. I hope all is well in your part of the world.

Dave - We did have a good Easter. Sophia was running high on sugar for a few days. That is why the
Easter bunny did not leave us much candy this year.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I hate being so old. When I was a kid I thought about the year 2000 and how I was going to be 30 that year and that seemed ancient. Now it is 2007 and I feel horrible admitting my age. Hopefully, I don't really act my age. I will say that the kids keep me on my toes.

Thanks for the compliments on the kids. Bob and I always joke about how our kids are so cute and how it truly show that two negatives make a positive!!!

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Kat said...

Its totally crazy how different kindergarten is now than in the past. They do need to know how to read, schools in my area are starting a second language and the teachers are all trained to deal with the kids who've never been to pre-school. Sophia and Nicholas are so beautiful, perfect little Easter eggs!

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy belated BDAY!

You have beautiful children!They are soooo precious!

Those auto toliets can scare people at any age. At best all you get is a wet butt. I usually get the scare and the wet butt. Good luck training! I am gonna strat soon. If you have any tips feel free to share.

9:46 PM  
Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

I was going to say, WHAT warm evenings? I'm jealous, and I'm only 25 minutes away! I know how you're feeling since I've got my 37th coming up. I constantly badger my head over it all, most of all wondering if I should change a lot of things in my life now that midlife is almost here. Happy Birthday to you, BTW.

11:25 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Kat - It is hard to believe how much things change. Around here, kids in need can sign up for pre-k that is payed for by the county school system. The spaces are limited, however.

Thanks for the compliments on the kids. I always remember Easter as such a fun time to dress up, so I hope that my kids will feel that way, too! I will have to admit that I obsess over them looking nice. I could look like an old used dish rag and it would not matter as long as my kids look great! Growing up my mom never really messed with my sister and I much, so I guess that is why I am so particular.

Mimi - Thanks for the BDay wishes. You should have seen her over those auto flusher, it was awful. We have had some major set backs this week with the training. She is so head strong. Every body says that the best thing to do is to get them out of diapers and pull-ups. I just hate the thought of cleaning pee off of the floor and poop out of clothing. I will say that Huggies Pull-ups has pants that have a "coolness alert" lining. Sophia does notice when she is wet with these, so if you plan to use pull-ups I would suggest them.

Ray - there was that few weeks of warm, but now we have been locked indoors again. I just want it to be a bit warmer and not windy. Nicholas can not take the wind. I can handle upper 50's to walk. I think the weather will be changing soon.

Doesn't it feel horrible to admit your age sometimes. I constantly have Bob reminding me that I am older than he is. It is always hard to decide what to do with our lives. I am still deciding. I have several more year before I really have to reenter the work force and I think that will be the time when I start to ask some serious questions. Honestly, I don't think it is how I treat my self, but how I treat others and my surroundings!

7:28 AM  
Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Yeah, what is it about 37 that's bringing up all of these questions and doubts? Thanks for those great comments at my blog, BTW. The only time I REALLY feel my age is at shows where the scene that used to mine no longer is, and I'm that old fart journalist everyone hates. I don't take offense because I used to think the exact same way once, but the few kids who think it's cool I'm into the music they're into make it less hard to bear that I'm hitting midlife shortly! Don't let Bob get to you; he's just trying to pluck your nerves...of course, what am I saying? He'd never do that! :)

I can't wait for it to warm up, either, so we can go to our walking path as well. I'm feeling bloated half the time anymore. Say hi to the kids from Mr. Ray! God, did I say "Mister?" I AM old!

1:21 AM  
Blogger Claire said...

THese are great pictures! I, too, love the first one...looks like Sophia is a little mommy! That dress is beautiful.

Happy belated birthday!

12:37 AM  
Blogger Claire said...

BTW, I vote for the left hand! ;-) (I'm a lefty.) Does she write equally well (for how she should write) with both hands? I don't really understand why she'd have to "pick." To me it just shows that she's using both sides of her brain in the motor area equally well! :-)

12:41 AM  

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