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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sun, fun and me...

We are still here at the beach. The weather has been pretty great. It was a bit cloudy yesterday, but it was still really nice on the beach. Today it is in the 80's and very sunny. We got to see some dolphins swimming by us while we were out on the beach.

Sophia has been wonderful. The first few days down here were a bit hard since she was dealing with the pain and discomfort of her shoulder. She had been holding her arm a bit gimpy, but now seems to be able to do some things with it. We are pretty sure she is left handed, so watching her try to eat with her right hand is a bit funny. It just looks so backwards.

Last week we took the Cape May - Lewes Ferry over to New Jersey. Sophia loved it. We love lighthouses and managed to see two while we were there. Cape May is a really cute little town. In some ways (minus the crystal clear water, warm weather and palm trees) it reminds me of Key West. I think mostly this is due to the older houses there. On the way back to Delaware on the ferry one of the people working gave Sophia a coloring book and crayons. We asked her why he gave her this and she replied "because I'm beautiful." She totally thinks the sun rises and sets with her.

We have been to the boardwalk a few times. This usually means rides for Sophia and some junk food for all. I have not managed to get any french fries yet, but I might just have to do that tonight. Some of Sophia's friends families are down tonight and tomorrow, so we are hoping to meet up with them, so that the kids can get on some rides together. Sophia is so social, I think she will just love this.

I personally have been feeling great. Now that I am in my second tri-mester, the only problem that I seem to have on a regular basis is heartburn and I can just take something for that. I have been able to actually read a book to completion, which is something that takes me a long time to do at home. I come up to the condo in the afternoon so that Sophia can take a nap and this is great alone time. She has been so worn out that she will sleep for about two hours without any hesitation.

I really do want to post some photos, but I have to rely on Bob's help for this. When we finally get some time, I will pick out a few and have him help me post.

Anyway, I hope that you guys are well and I hope that wherever you are it is sunny and warm (sorry Mimi!!).


Blogger Mimi said...

LOL! I am glad you are having a good time and are feeling better! We actually have some sun here this weekend so it is no so bad.

Of course Sophia was given the crayons because she is beautiful! Duh mom!;)

5:02 PM  

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