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Monday, September 17, 2007

Make some memories...

Cooking is Medicine: Cookie Memories

I read Claire's blog this morning and wanted to pass along this post and recipe. My daughter loves to bake with her Grammy. She is so proud when she can share what she has made. If you have kids in your life you might want to make some cookies with them. It is a nice way to spend some time and make some memories.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anarchy in the Pre-K...

Well not really. You would think that with Sophia being so hyper that every day at preschool would be a free for all, but this has really not been the case. Sophia has always been very outgoing. The strange thing is though, at her new preschool, she is barely making any new friends. The moms in the school seem to be very cliquish, so I thought maybe the kids were, too. I was feeling really sad for Sophia. It is so hard for her not to have any friends. Thankfully, when I volunteered yesterday, I noticed that she does have one little girl who seems to be her friend. I had to breathe a sigh of relief when I saw the girl sit down and play on the computer with Sophia.

It is hard to watch your kid struggle, espicially when those sort of things always came so easy to her. I guess it is an important lesson for her to learn that she will not always be the center of the universe.

My kids are growing up so quick. Next Friday Sophia will be four years old and Nicholas is already nine months old. It was like one day Sophia was a baby and now she is this little girl. Nicholas finally got his first tooth, is crawling and is now starting to talk. His first official word (if you can call it that) is "uh-oh." We were in line at the coffee shop this morning and he kept saying it over and over again. He has a very infectious smile so he always draws attention to himself, so there was even more attention paid to him, because he was talking so much.

I had been feeling sort of crappy there for awhile and that is why I was not posting. I did not know what to say, so I said nothing at all. I started taking an anti-depressant and so far it seems to be helping. I don't feel so down. Bob says that I am definitely less mopey than I was before. Now if I could just find the energy to get my house in order, things would vastly improved.

Anyway, after this long absense there is probably nobody stopping by anymore, but if you do, leave a comment so that I know that you have visited. Even in my absense, I have been reading other people's stuff and sometimes commenting. I hope that you are all well.