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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I have been on a posting hiatus. I wish I could say that I was on some really cool sabbatical in a far away place, but that is not the case. I have just been laying low here in Maryland.

As usual, nothing has really been going on. I went out with my favorite Aunt for her birthday and had a few beers and some much needed time away from home, Bob and Sophia. No matter how much you love your husband and kids, it is healthy to get away from them once in awhile. I think that being away from them makes you realize how great they really are.

Sophia is getting ready to turn two, so we are in full birthday party planning mode. We are hoping to swim and are renting a Moon Bounce. I can't wait to play in the Moon Bounce. I have always wanted to rent one. I will let you know how it is. I think we will have to have some "Adult Bounce" time just like they have "Adult Swims" at the public swimming pools. I used to think "Adult Swims" were dumb, but now I can appreciate them.

We are having our annual party this weekend. I am hoping that the weather will stay nice. I hate getting ready and cleaning up, but I usually have fun (some times too much fun, as in the case of last years party). I promise to behave myself this year and I will absolutely not be drinking a huge bottle of French wine. I learned my lesson last year!!!

I am going to the beach again next week. Hopefully, there will be no storms coming up the coast. If they do, I will just look at it as a learning experience. As I have said before, I love the weather. If you check out, it shows current tropical storms for the Atlantic and pacific. It is pretty awesome. I look every day to see if a new storm has popped up. There are some really cool satellite images to check out.

Well I am off for now. Sorry for the long time between posts. Enjoy what is left of your summer!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Vacation, Sophia, Harry Potter....

We just got back from a week at the beach. It was a nice break from the usual. The weather was so hot that I even got into the ocean. This is something that I rarely do at the Maryland seashore. Give me the clear waters of the Caribbean or South Florida and I am more than willing to get in. I like to be able to see what is swimming with me, if you know what I mean.

We sat on the beach most days and visited the boardwalk several nights. Sophia of course loved every minute of this. She played so hard that most nights she was too overtired to go to sleep. She loved playing in the sand on the beach had a ball jumping the waves as they came in. She ate cotton candy and ice cream, played games in the arcade and rode several rides during each visit to the boardwalk. All of this made me think about what she was like last year. During our trips last year, she was not even walking and the only ride she could go on was the Merry-Go-Round, because we could hold her. She is definitely a little girl now and to me she finally is starting to resemble one.

On our first night home, she figured out how to climb out of her crib, so now we are in the process of hunting for a new bed for her. We will also have to change the decor a little bit, so I started looking for new wallborder for her room and during my visit to the wallpaper section at Lowe's I got a little weepy, because I came across the border that is currently in her room and it made me sad to think that she is not a baby any more. She will continue to grow and I will learn how to deal with it, such is life.

During our trip, my main goal (besides having fun with Sophia and Bob) was to read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

(Spoilers ahead if you are interested)

I had read prior to reading the book that there was going to be major set up for the last book and that was totally the case, because the end of the book definitely left you hanging. I am not sure if I like Snape going bad, but I still think that there could be some change from him in the next book. I think that the bond he took with Draco's mother may have something to do with his current behavior. I always liked the way that Snape appeared bad, but really wasn't, so I am hoping for a change. He may up being Harry's person in the know (sort of like Dumbledore had always been).

I can totally see the way she is shaping Harry's character into an adult. He is making more decisions for himself and now is looking to the future and the ultimate end of the story. I feel bad for him in many ways. He gets close to somebody and they die and in this book he finally gets with the girl of his dreams only to let her go, because he fears for her safety. I am not sure if I like the idea of his leaving Hogwart's for the next book, but I think it will make for an even darker arena for him to battle the darker side of wizardry. As a writer she will have a much wider canvas to paint her story.

I was sad to see Dumbledore die, but as Harry's days at Hogwart's are over, he is no longer going to be an integral part to the story. I think that Hagrid will have a very small role in the next book, unless he decides that he will leave to be with Harry.

I am up for discussion on this. I may need to go back and review the book for a proper discussion. I know that I have missed some major stuff, but would gladly like to have them brought to my attention, so type away.

Have a great day!