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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Baby, baby, baby...

We went to the hospital today for the sonogram for the baby. We took Sophia along to have a look. She stayed interested for a while, but then Bob's dad (who drove me) took her out to the waiting area.

It is always interesting to see a sonogram, but it is much more so when it is your own baby. We got to see hands, feet, legs, arms, kidneys, the heart, the bladder and umbilical cord. This was so much more in depth than any sonogram that I had before Sophia was born.

It is neat to watch the baby move on the sonogram, unless it is causing a problem. I feel the baby move quite a bit now, so I know that he/she is very busy. Unfortunately, it was so busy hiding its face today that I have to go back in two weeks for an additional sonogram. To quote the sonographer, "I can't get a look at it's face or between its legs." I had to laugh, but I thought, if it is so obstinate now, how is it going to be after it is born. It may even give Sophia a run for her money.

We went to lunch after we left the hospital and now I feel like crap, because I ate too much. I feel bad when I don't eat and feel even worse some times when I do, so what is a girl to do.

I will keep you posted on the next sonogram.

I am sorry that I have not had much to say lately, it just seems like I want to sleep more and times when I used to spend blogging are times when I can actually take a nap.

I hope all is well!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

We're back, etc...

Today makes a week since I got home from the beach. I was so damn tired that it literally took about three days to feel better. I just did not sleep well. You would think that after vacationing in the same condo for the last ten years that I would be used to it enough to rest well, but that is not the case.

I took Sophia to her follow-up appointment for the broken collar bone on Tuesday. She was only going to have to keep the brace on for four weeks, but since she was so active in the doctor's office, we now have to keep it on the full six weeks. He said that active kids sometimes need the extra reminders to stay calm. Other than that, he could feel the calcification on the bone, which means that it is healing properly. So now she has about three more weeks of restriction. The brace that she wears is getting so yucky, but I am afraid that if I wash it, it will fall apart. I have to give it a try though, because it is disgusting.

As for me, I went to my OB doctor's appointment on Wednesday. We could not hear the baby's heart beat so we had to have a sonogram. We DID get to see the baby moving around, so all is good. I have to go down to Baltimore next week for a sonogram, apparently, up here in the country, we don't have really good facilities for a level III sonogram. Since I am over 35 and opted not to do amnio, this is what I have to do. I am not worried, though!

Another note of interest, it has been ungodly hot here this week and I literally have spent most of my time indoors. It is too hot to even go outside to swim. On Tuesday afternoon, I was making dinner and I hear this really strange and very loud sound coming out of my basement. The damn air conditioner broke. I was so mad. We have a friend who did it on the side for us at cost (Thank God), but since the unit is sixteen years old, he suggested that we look into replacing it. YUCK! We have to tear apart walls to do this and since we are in the process of redoing our basement, this is the perfect time to do it. So now we have to put out a few grand to upgrade.

My family reunion was this past weekend. I said I would let you know what I did. I did not go. After sending my response to my sister that we could not make it, I never heard anything back from her or my dad and stepmom. One would think that if they really wanted us to attend that they would have said something back (sorry to hear that you can't make it, etc...). I think about this situation often. I feel bad that Sophia has no grandfather or really a grandmother on my side (thankfully Bob's parents are awesome grandparents). I think about the time when I will have to explain why she does not and I hope that she will not feel bad about the situation. I often feel like I should at least write my dad a letter telling him why this stuff hurts me so bad, but I really think that he won't care anyway. Oh well, Sophia is a wonderful kid and he is really missing out!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sun, fun and me...

We are still here at the beach. The weather has been pretty great. It was a bit cloudy yesterday, but it was still really nice on the beach. Today it is in the 80's and very sunny. We got to see some dolphins swimming by us while we were out on the beach.

Sophia has been wonderful. The first few days down here were a bit hard since she was dealing with the pain and discomfort of her shoulder. She had been holding her arm a bit gimpy, but now seems to be able to do some things with it. We are pretty sure she is left handed, so watching her try to eat with her right hand is a bit funny. It just looks so backwards.

Last week we took the Cape May - Lewes Ferry over to New Jersey. Sophia loved it. We love lighthouses and managed to see two while we were there. Cape May is a really cute little town. In some ways (minus the crystal clear water, warm weather and palm trees) it reminds me of Key West. I think mostly this is due to the older houses there. On the way back to Delaware on the ferry one of the people working gave Sophia a coloring book and crayons. We asked her why he gave her this and she replied "because I'm beautiful." She totally thinks the sun rises and sets with her.

We have been to the boardwalk a few times. This usually means rides for Sophia and some junk food for all. I have not managed to get any french fries yet, but I might just have to do that tonight. Some of Sophia's friends families are down tonight and tomorrow, so we are hoping to meet up with them, so that the kids can get on some rides together. Sophia is so social, I think she will just love this.

I personally have been feeling great. Now that I am in my second tri-mester, the only problem that I seem to have on a regular basis is heartburn and I can just take something for that. I have been able to actually read a book to completion, which is something that takes me a long time to do at home. I come up to the condo in the afternoon so that Sophia can take a nap and this is great alone time. She has been so worn out that she will sleep for about two hours without any hesitation.

I really do want to post some photos, but I have to rely on Bob's help for this. When we finally get some time, I will pick out a few and have him help me post.

Anyway, I hope that you guys are well and I hope that wherever you are it is sunny and warm (sorry Mimi!!).

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Please no more...

We had a good bit of things to get done to get out of the house to leave early for vacation. Since much of the day was spent yesterday dealing with Sophia's broken collar bone, some things had to be pushed off until this morning.

We had planned to leave around 9:00, but figured that we would not leave until around 10:00. We always go to the beach with Bob's parents, it makes for a full car, but it saves on gas money. Around 9:00 Bob's dad calls to tell us that a pipe has sprung a leak in their basement and that they have had to call a plummer.

The pipe was fixed by about 11:00. We all get into the car to get ready to go and the car won't start. Now we are all beginning to think that maybe we shouldn't go. Between Sophia's injury, the broken pipe and now the car, it just seemed like everything was going against us. After much running around and finally switching cars (it was discovered that the alternator was bad on the other car) we finally got to leave around 2:30.

We did make some stops on the way. We stopped at Blackwater Wildlife Refuge near Cambridge, MD. We were hoping to see some Bald Eagles, but only got to see one from a distance. It was pretty cool though, because he/she was hunting. It was waiting in the middle of the road and took off after something in the water and swooped down to get it. The shame of it is that we did not get any pictures of it. We saw some beatiful herons and cranes. I see them where we live, but usually only one once in a while. There were many in the park. We saw some turtles and possibly an otter. All in all that seemed to help what had otherwise been a very crappy day. We also stopped into a book store, bought tons of books and then stopped for something to eat.

We finally got here around 10:15 and I am just glad that we arrived in one piece.

Sophia is doing well with her shoulder. She was a afraid to remove the strap that she has to wear, but did let me take it off at bath time and decided that she did not need it for bed tonight. She was so tired, but took a little while to fall asleep. She is sleeping in bed with her Grammy tonight and I know that that makes her very happy.

I know one thing is for sure that the last few days have been some of the worst I have had. I am hoping that this vacation will be relaxing enough to forget about it.

I hope you are all doing better than me! I will try to post some photos when I get them.

By the way, please ignore any spelling errors. We only have dial-up at the beach and it takes too damn long to use the spell check!!!!!