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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Always have been clumsy...

Yesterday was Bob's birthday and in a series of embarrassing unfortunate acrobatic events that included a dog fence, a dog water dish and Bob's birthday cake I managed to injure myself. After a doctor's visit and some x-rays I am now at home resting with my leg in the air. It seems that I have, in the best case scenario, sprained my left knee, if I am not vastly improved by Monday, I will have to go for an MRI to see if I have done something worse.

Bob ended up working from home today while taking care of the kids. I can not walk upright very well and limp horribly and steps are almost unbearable. If I am not better tomorrow, I will need Bob's help again, because I can't even lift the kids. I hope I am doing better soon, but only time will tell.

What a way to celebrate Bob's birthday and bring in a New Year. I hope that you all are starting 2008 off on the right foot!!!

What doesn't kill us will only make us stronger, so I just have to laugh.