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Friday, February 08, 2008

What have I done now...

Once again I am sorry for my absence. As I said in my last post, I hurt my knee, so I have been going to physcial therapy a few times a week. Last weekend I woke up with a pinched nerve in my neck or back. I have sharp pains that occur in my right arm due to this and because I am right handed, this makes things extra challenging. So now I am faced with additional therapy for my arm. All in all it has been pretty sucky.

I am taking all sorts of meds, muscle relaxers, pain killers, anti-inflamitory drugs and also the medicine I take for depression, so I feel like a walking drug store.

This too shall pass, I just wanted to explain my absence.

I had bad news from two friends over the last week or two. First, my one friend's old neighbor and friend had an eleven year old child who commited suicide. I was just so sad for the family. I can not imagine finding my child dead from their own doing. It is hard for me to understand what drove such a young person to this sort of end. Another friend who is expecting a baby just found out this week that the baby (a boy) has Trisomy 18, which is a rare and almost certainly a fatal birth defect. The baby has no stomach and has some other problems, too. According to the Genetics specialist she and her husband spoke to said that 98% of the baby's with this defect do not make it to full term and that most parents faced with this situation end up terminating the pregnancy. It is just so sad. I saw my friend's oldest daughter today and she told me about the baby. I could tell she was upset, but I told her that she needed to give her mom and dad lots of love, because they will need it.

After writing about those two things I realize that even though I have some physical problems right now I am very lucky. My children are alive and healthy. It is funny how things can help to put things in perspective.

I hope that you are all well!